Our Core Values

Culture is critical to the success of this organization and at Accel Physical Therapy, our culture is driven by our core values which revolve around Commitment, Integrity, Respect, Trust, Compassion, Leadership, Family and most of all, Fun.


Each individual will be committed to the Core Values, the Team, the Client and the Community.


We are responsible for the outcomes we produce; we are accountable for our actions and results; we understand that our reputation is based on the decisions we make and will directly affect our team and our clients.


We will acknowledge, value and appreciate the worth of our patients and respect a patient’s right to make decisions. We will respect the confidentiality and privacy of all patients in all forms of communication. We will treat the organization and our co-workers with respect.


We will practice in a safe, competent, accountable and responsible manner. We will be honest at all times with both our patients and co-workers.


We will demonstrate an understanding of our patient’s needs and exercise empathy if a patient struggles with the rehabilitation process.


As professionals, we will exercise leadership in all aspects of our life. We will lead by example in the workplace and in the community. All employees will never pass a fault and will demonstrate leadership through the commitment to both the organization and our patients.


We will treat each patient like we would treat our own family. We will appreciate that our family away from our family is our co-workers and we all demonstrate cooperation and teamwork to ensure the success and happiness of the family.


Accel Physical Therapy will stand out as a clinic that is enjoyable and fun to attend for rehabilitation. They say laughter is the best medicine and at Accel Physical Therapy, we all strive to offer a welcoming and fun atmosphere.

Accel Physical Therapy is committed to providing you and your family with a complete rehabilitation experience consisting of a premium quality treatment combined with an inviting atmosphere to make your rehabilitation enjoyable.

Our team of highly skilled Physiotherapists will utilize the best available evidence to help you achieve your rehabilitation goals in a caring, confidential and timely manner.

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We offer a wide variety of rehabilitative services to help you achieve the level of health and wellness you require.




118 Millennium Drive, #1B
Fort McMurray, Alberta

19-9908 Penhorwood Street
Fort McMurray, Alberta